Kangaroo Jack 2003

Kangaroo Jack (2003) คนซ่าส์ล่าจิงโจ้แสบ

Kangaroo Jack A young boy known as Charlie Carbone, an Brooklyn child is set to become the step-son of Salvatore Maggio, a criminal boss. Frankie Lombardo, the mobster’s apprentice, attempts to drown Charlie. However, Louis Booker, a boy who is a boy, rescues him and they form a close bond.

Charlie runs his own salon, twenty years after. Sal’s gang members account for 80percent of the salon’s profits. That’s not enough to leave him with enough money to run the salon. Sal offers Charlie and Louis another chance to try again after they are unable to conceal stolen televisions. Frankie provides them with instructions on how to deliver the package in Coober Pedy as well as Australia. Frankie warns them to not open the package, and she gives the package Mr. Smith’s number. Sal had cancelled their return flight in the dark, but they were unaware of it. Louis discovers $50,000 when he unpacks the suitcase in the airplane.

Charlie and Louis hire a car and travel to Coober-Pedy upon arriving in Australia. They run into an red Kangaroo as they were driving. Louis believes that it’s dead, so he puts his jacket on and puts sunglasses on the Kangaroo. He poses for pictures in a joking manner and claims that the kangaroo is a reminder of the henchmen who fought Sal. The kangaroo wakes up and is kicked by Charlie. The kangaroo then scurries off wearing the jacket that is worth $50,000. Charlie and Louis pursue the kangaroo however, they wreck the car , and it escapes them. Kangaroo Jack HD

Louis phoned Louis calls Mr. Smith from Alice Springs and tries to clarify the issue. But, Mr. Smith thinks that they have taken his package and threatens Charlie and Louis with the death penalty. Sal gets a phone call from Mr. Smith in New York complaining that Charlie and Louis aren’t there. Sal sends Frankie along with a few henchmen to Australia to conduct an investigation. Charlie and Louis attempt to retrieve the money from the kangaroo using a tranquilizer inside an aircraft. Louis is mistakenly shot by Blue the pilot, leaving the two stuck in the desert. They are lost for hours in the desert, and Charlie is having visions about the search for the jeep. They soon meet Jessie who is an American woman who works for the Outback Wildlife Foundation.

The group went after the kangaroo and Todd River to attempt to capture it using Bolas. But, Louis fails to capture the kangaroo after the ants crawled into his pants. Charlie begins to look for Jessie as he waits for a second chance to capture the kangaroo. Soon the Mr. Smith and his henchmen arrive to take the trio captive. Charlie and Louis are able to defeat them, but Frankie discovers the trio and is determined to take them down. The kangaroo appears suddenly and causes an fight between Mr. Smith’s henchmen and Frankie’s team, who beat them. This distraction lets Charlie, Louis, and Jessie to escape. The chase concludes with the two of them running after the kangaroo while Frankie and his crew chase them. Charlie is able to save Louis when he attempts to extort the money from the kangaroo. Charlie attempts to hand over the cash to Frankie but he refuses. He then reveals that Sal had sent them to cover the cost of the execution of Mr. Smith. A undercover police officer disguised as an Outback guide appears at Frankie and Mr. Smith’s home to detain the two. Charlie is the one who takes Louis his jacket from the Kangaroo.

Charlie and Jessie were married a year later. They used Sal’s $50,000 to create an all-new range of hair-care products featuring a kangaroo logo. Frankie and Mr. Smith and their men were sentenced to prison for the rest of their lives . This was a punishment Sal did not escape. The Outback also shows that the kangaroo is now called “Kangaroo Jack”. Jack can now speak and explains why the film must conclude with him. The film’s conclusion is by reciting his own version of Porky Pig of the well-known catchy phrase “That’s all you guys!”

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