Batman: Death in the Family 2020

Death in the Family

Death in the Family

Death In The Family Interactive film. The user is presented with a decision of a point, and is given ten seconds to choose or default. The film’s average viewing of 95 minutes and has at minimum nine different story lines (two paths lead to same or similar conclusion) and 7 alternative endings.

In the belief that Jason Todd is becoming aggressive in his crime-fighting, Batman decides to remove him from his role as Robin and, furious, Jason forsakes Batman and departs Gotham City. They return to Bosnia to fight the Joker as well as Ra’s Al Ghul as well as other terrorists who want to take away enough dirty bombs that are radioactive. When Batman is able to stop Ra’s al Ghul’s gang from stealing the uranium across to the other side, the Joker is able to capture Robin and brutally beats him with the crowbar which causes him to die inside the warehouse set to explode. Batman: Death in the Family HD

Jason tries to keep his word to Bruce to not murder the criminals he fights. To draw Joker’s attention, Jason adopts the Clown Prince of Crime’s previous persona as the Red Hood and wages a bloody war on Gotham’s criminal underworld. Jason finally pulls the Joker out of his cover , and beats him at the crossroads. Jason’s transformation to a superhero is so thrilling that the Joker declares that Jason is more of his successor than Batman. Jason, who has been suppressing his memories of murdering criminals, realizes that the Joker has done. The viewer is then given the option of deciding whether Jason would prefer to spare the Joker or take down the Joker.

Regardless of which option is selected, Red Hood becomes a wanted fugitive and is pursued by the police as well as Dick. Jason is confronted by Talia and Bruce Wayne, who are in the top of the Wayne Industries tower. Talia admits that she brought back Bruce with the Lazarus Pit, but he was driven insane in the process and can only say ” Zur-En-Arrh.” Talia gives Jason the chance to join her in the League of Shadows. However, Jason declines and fights Batman. The viewer decides if Jason takes on Batman until death, or tries and save his life.

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